New BJJ class at CMAA Frith Road has already started! Times are 11am to 12:30pm, usual cost of £10 or will be included as one of the classes if you choose to pay monthly!

Next Vinicius de Castro seminar 9th February 2014

Hallo everybody, hope everyone had a good rest over the Christmas holidays…
Last Sunday was Vinicius’ 3rd seminar at Croydon and we covered some new self-defence techniques plus some great ideas on the ground too!
The next seminar will be on Sunday the 9th of February 2014 at the usual times of 11am – 2pm, tax just £20!
This will be Vinny’s LAST seminar at Croydon M.A.A. so please make a special effort to attend what will be a great seminar!!
Pax vo biscum, Dante.

My vision for Croydon BJJ in 2014

Happy new year everybody and here’s hoping everyone had a nice rest over the Christmas holidays!
As of writing we had our first class of the year at easyGym which was well attended (14) and we covered one Judo technique/ osoto gari, one self defence/
standing choke from behind and on the floor passing guard from the knees correctly.
We followed that with positional sparring using what was taught.
We will be having 2 gradings this year in April and October and both will be followed by our traditional meal at a Brasilian Rodizio restaurant near Croydon Clock Tower 5mins walk away!!
I’m looking forward to Vinicius holding his 3rd seminar at CMAA on Sunday 19th January and it looks like it will be very well attended!
I’ve also asked a few of my friends if they would like to take a seminar at CMAA and hopefully the new year will see that realised all things going to plan!
These include;
Felipe de Souza
Paul Hartley
Alex Faria
Oliver Geddes.
I’m still toying with the idea of teaching children’s BJJ in August 2014. Methinks I would need an assistant as the old man might get worn out by the munchkins!
It would be nice to see CBJJ represented in competitions this year; anyone whose age begins with a ‘1’, a ‘2’, a ‘3’ or a ‘4’ should think about maybe one or two comps a year….
Whew, that exempts me then!
Ciao for now, next update coming soon!