Workshop with Professor Paul Hartley Sunday 15th June.

So who is this geezer Paul Hartley who I’ve invited to teach at Croydon BJJ? Well, Paul lives in Lancashire and runs his own academy, Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Preston!
And when he’s not teaching at his school he is in the salubrious neighbourhood of Knightsbridge assisting the effervescent sensei and friend Lucio (Lagarto) Rodrigues, one of my old teachers going back years!
I highly recommend Paul as one of the best teachers and nicest person I’ve met on my BJJ journey which is why I’d like anyone free that day to enjoy a fabulous workshop with him; I guarantee you’ll learn a shed load of stuff and have a lot of fun!
DATE: SUNDAY 15th June 20014
TIME: 11am-2pm.
VENUE: CROYDON BJJ FRITH ROAD CROYDON. Nearest overground West or East Croydon.
COST: £20.
See you there peeps!

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